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30th June 1916 Standby awaiting orders; 30th Jun 1916 Heat and Flies Hinder Operations; 30th Jun 1916 Warnings of Raids to be Given; 30th Jun 1916 Fined for Treating Wounded Soldier; 30th Jun 1916 Under Shellfire; 30th June 1916 Raid; 30th Jun 1916 Troop Movements Continue; 30th June 1916 Raids; 30th Jun 1916 Massive Bombardment; 30th Jun 1916 Water Ration Increase Timeline of June 1916 Drawing rations at an Army Service Corps dump at Acheux, June 1916. From the Ministry of Information First World War Official Collection at the Imperial War Museum, copyright image Q852,with my thanks On June 4, 1916, Lord Kitchener left London for secret talks with talks with Britain's Russian allies in Archangel, Russia. The next day, he boarded the HMS Hampshire, a British Royal Navy armored cruisers, anchored off Thurso, Scotland, the northernmost town on the British mainland From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia The June 1916 tornado outbreak was a deadly severe-weather episode that produced at least 35 tornadoes across the Southern United States on June 5-6, 1916. The outbreak killed at least 112 people, 76 of them in the U.S. state of Arkansas alone. Unconfirmed reports suggested higher totals in rural areas List of shipwrecks: 5 June 1916 Ship Country Description Eagre United Kingdom: The coaster sprang a leak in the North Sea off Covehithe, Suffolk and was abandoned by her three crew. Eleonore United States: The passenger ship was struck by a tornado at Easton Landing 18 miles (29 km) above Memphis, Tennessee causing her to capsize

About June 8, 1916. Day of the Week: Thursday. How Long Ago? 104 years, 8 months and 2 days. Leap Year: Yes. Generation Greatest Generation. Chinese Zodiac: Dragon June 24, 1916 - The Allies begin a week-long artillery bombardment of German defensive positions on the Somme River in northern France, in preparation for a major British-led offensive. Over 1.5 million shells are fired along a 15-mile front to pulverize the intricate German trench system and to blow apart rows of barbed wire protecting the trenches

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  1. The Battle of Mont Sorrel was a local operation in World War I by three divisions of the British Second Army and three divisions of the German 4th Army in the Ypres Salient, near Ypres, Belgium, from 2 to 13 June 1916. To divert British resources from the build-up being observed on the Somme, the XIII Corps and the 117th Infantry Division attacked an arc of high ground defended by the Canadian Corps. The German forces captured the heights at Mount Sorrel and Tor Top, before.
  2. 29625 16 June 1916 Issue p. 5977; 29626 16 June 1916 Supplement p. 6041; 29627 16 June 1916 Supplement p. 6051; 29628 16 June 1916 Supplement p. 6059; 29629 20 June 1916 Supplement p. 6063; 29630 20 June 1916 Supplement p. 6127; 29631 20 June 1916 Supplement p. 6135; 29632 20 June 1916 Supplement p. 6163; 29633 20 June 1916 Supplement p. 619
  3. Event of Interest. The death of Yuan Shikai, ruler of much of China since 1912, causes the central government to virtually collapse in the face of warlords, including Sun Yat-sen. Father of Modern China. Sun Yat-sen
  4. What happened on June 19, 1916. Browse historical events, famous birthdays and notable deaths from Jun 19, 1916 or search by date, day or keyword

To add to the area reputation for fierce fighting the hill to the north is Mont Tetu (which literally translate as the stubborn hill), which featured prominently in the fighting of summer 1916, which is where we pick up with the 315e in late June when they arrive in the area What happened on June 20, 1916. Browse historical events, famous birthdays and notable deaths from Jun 20, 1916 or search by date, day or keyword

On 5 June 1916, HMS Hampshire left the Royal Navy's anchorage at Scapa Flow, Orkney, bound for Russia. The Secretary of State for War, Lord Kitchener, was on board as part of a diplomatic and military mission aimed at boosting Russia's efforts on the Eastern Front Thursday 8 June 1916 Walked to the nearby village of Vignacourt on the first of several occasions over the next few days. Friday 16 June 1916 Marched to Rainneville (8km NE of Amiens). Tuesday 27 June 1916 Marched to Laviéville (6km W of Albert) Laviéville: immediately west of Albert, at the centre of the forthcoming attack

june 1916 . From This Issue. All Articles. Education as a Political Institution Education should not aim at a dead awareness of static facts, but at an activity directed toward the world that our. The following events occurred in June 1916: Wikipedia September 1916 The following events occurred in September 1916: Bulgaria declared war on Romania, and went on to take the city of Dobruja June 1916 - Moon Phase Calendar. The Moon Phases on this month occurred 104 years and 10 months in the past. The month started on Thursday, June 1 st with a phase that was illuminated. Explore this June Moon Phase Calendar by clicking on each day to see detailed information on that days phase During the fighting at Lokachi and Kolki in the Lutsk sector 31.000 prisoners were claimed. Stavka. 1 June, 1916. MY OWN DARLING SUNNY, I thank you tenderly for your dear letter

3rd Grenadier Guards - War Diary 1 Jun 1916 Marched into VOLKERINGHOVE. The Brigade marched past the Army Commander, Corps Commander & Divisional Commander in ESQUELBECQ. Billets were fair but scattered.The Brigade then dug a complete representation to scale of German trenches, ?founded? on W side by road running through KOLN FARM* in from C.14.C.8. 6th June 1916 embarked 44th Battalion from Fremantle. 11 November 1916 departed Sydney with 17th Battalion, 18th Reinforcements & Medical Officers for the Western Front. 21 June 1917 departed Melbourne with 27th Reinforcements for the 4th Light horse Regiment, 1st Pioneer Battalion & Medical Officers, arriving Liverpool England 26 August 1917

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Moon Phases Calendar - June 1916, Lunar Calendar 1916 June. Lunar Calendar for month June 1916 - Seek and meet people born on the same date as you. AstroSeek, Free Horoscopes and charts 2021 Astro-Seek.co June, 1916. In June, as II ANZAC Corps made their way from Egypt to Europe, South Australians at home were reeling from the news that not only did the British suffer heavy losses during the Battle of Jutland, the most significant naval battle of the First World War, but Lord Kitchener, British Secretary of State for War, had drowned after his ship hit a German mine off the Orkney Islands Find the perfect June 1916 stock photos and editorial news pictures from Getty Images. Select from premium June 1916 of the highest quality

14 February - 13 June 1916: actions in the Spring of 1916.Localised operations seeking tactical advantage. They include fighting when the Germans first used Phosgene gas, a major German attack at Vimy Ridge, and the loss and recapture of high ground east of Ypres in the Battle of Mount Sorrel June 5 th 1916 and we are off to the war. Kitted out and feeling fit and healthy. Not sure exactly where the ship is going, not sure exactly what a ship will be like, but sure that we will be with our mates

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In June 1916, the Oakland-Piedmont Council (#021) was chartered, changing its name. 55th Corps (German Empire) (473 words) exact match in snippet view article formed as a temporary Bernhardi Corps (named for its commander) on 6 June 1916 before being established on 1 October 1916. It was still. A Visit to Three Fronts: June 1916. Sir Arthur Conan Doyle (1859 - 1930). In the course of May 1916, the Italian authorities expressed a desire that some independent observer from Great Britain should visit their lines and report his impressions Photoplay Magazine, June 1916. Usage Public Domain Mark 1.0 Topics motion picture, movie fan magazine, David Wark Griffith, Winifred Kingston, Fay Tincher, Honus Smith, Chester Conklin, Wilfred Lucas, Peggy O'Neil, Raeburn Van Buren, Rube Goldberg Collectio The Builder Magazine. June 1916 - Volume II - Number 6 . JACQUES BERNARD DE MOLAI. BY BRO. G. ALFRED LAWRENCE, NEW YORK. JACQUES Bernard de Molai (or de Molay), a native of Burgundy, was born in the year 1243, and his life and times are of deep interest to Masons, and especially to Knights Templar, owing to the fact of his being the last Grand Master of the Order of Templars, together with his. Important events of 1916 during the third year of the First World War, including Field Marshal Lord Kitchener's request for US military participation. 1 Jan Winston Churchill is appointed Lieutenant-Colonel, commanding the 6th battalion (Territorial Army) of the Royal Scots Fusiliers. He.

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The massive preparatory bombardment, meant to destroy the German defences started on 24 June 1916 at 06.00. Over 1.7 million shells were fired but a high proportion, some 30 percent, failed to explode as the Ministry of Munitions had abandoned any semblance of quality control in order to be able to produce the quantities needed in time June 1916 - before The Somme It is perhaps not surprising that neither Ernest's diary nor that of the Field Company anticipate the coming offensive. Even if they had known, secrecy would have been at the utmost and on a strictly need to know basis 24 June 1916: Mary Pickford becomes Hollywood's first million-dollar actress On this day in 1916, Mary Pickford - 'America's Sweetheart' - signed a contract that for the first time. June 30th 1916 We stood to till 4p.m when we handed in our packs, and all personal effects, and started for the line, going forward in artillery formation, passed through Bayencourt, and Sailly-au-Bois up to Hebuterne, and the bombardment was more fierce than before and we knew we had to attack in the morning and the minutes seemed like hours

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22 nd June 1916. Dear Auntie. I'm not able to write much for I am now kept well out of mischief by the amount of work I have (I rise at 6.15 & return at 11pm!) each day I spend 8 hours up in the Great Training Camp where I am more or less responsible for 2000 men. On many days there are over 10,000 men training On June 3, 1916, United States President Woodrow Wilson signs into law the National Defense Act, which expanded the size and scope of the National Guard—the network of states' militias that. The German Intelligence, 10 June 1916. Share. Start at page: Link: Copy. Like 0. Read later. Add this to your Read Later list? Sign in. Add this to your Read Later list? Remove this from your Read Later list? Cancel Add Remove. Naya Published on April 23, 2021. Follow 0 Followed 0. Want to follow this profile The Battle of Jutland (31 May - 1 June 1916) was the largest naval battle of the First World War. It was the only time that the British and German fleets of 'dreadnought' battleships actually came to blows. The German High Seas Fleet hoped to weaken the Royal Navy by launching an ambush on the British Grand Fleet in the North Sea The battle of Jutland, 31 May-1 June 1916. Item Preview > remove-circle Share or Embed This Item. Share to Twitter. Share to Facebook. Share to Reddit. Share to Tumblr. Share to Pinterest. Share via email

At 3.05am on 30 th June 1916 the attack began. The 12 th advanced on the right, with the junction of the 12 th /13 th being the tip of the Boar's Head, where an old communication trench ran from the British parapet across to the German front line NUS university of Singapore is ranked consistently as one of the world's top universities. We offer the most extensive college degree courses in Singapore June 1916 Wednesday 28 Fine day. Very heavy frost. Down to office. Mr A Peterson in & signed agreement to pur chase N McLachlans house & section at Lansdowne. Went to Gawith & Logans with him & gave instructions re transfer. Mr & Mrs Hughes in re purchase of property & we inspected Mr June 18th 1916 (Sunday) The following two letters from Fred's younger brother Norman and his mother were enclosed in the same envelope addressed in Norman's writing to 4695 Pte Fred C. Firth, 3/5th Duke of Wellington's W. R. R., No 3 lines, No 26 Hut, Clipstone Camp, and postmarked 18 June 19

On June 15, 1916, President Woodrow Wilson signed a bill granting federal incorporation to the BSA and protecting the BSA's name and insignia Memoirs & Diaries - Account of the Assaults Upon Fort Vaux, Verdun, June 1916 We had scarcely arrived at the right of Fort de Vaux, on the slope of the ravine, when there came an unprecedented bombardment of twelve hours 1st - 30th JUNE 1916 in date, ship/unit & name order separate pages for BATTLE OF JUTLAND. Victoria Cross at Sea 1939-45 - WW2 Campaign Summary. Boy John Cornwell, HMS Chester at the Battle of Jutland, died of injuries 2 June 1916 (Scouting Milestones, cl ick to enlarge Havoc, June (1916-)American actress and writer. Name variations: Baby June. Born Ellen Evangeline Hovick, Nov 8, 1916, in Seattle, WA; dau. of John Hovick and Anna Thompson Hovick, known as Rose Hovick; sister of Gypsy Rose Lee (1914-1970); married at 13; m. William Spier (director). Source for information on Havoc, June (1916-): Dictionary of Women Worldwide: 25,000 Women Through the.

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  1. formed by 16 June 1916: 75th Brigade: during and after reconstitution in mid 1918: On 9 September 1918, the Brigade was renumbered as 236th Brigade and was placed under orders for service in North Russia. It left the 25th Division at this point and sailed from Dundee on 17 October 1918. 1/6th Bn, the Cheshire Regiment: joined May 1918, left.
  2. Charlie Chaplins 52nd Film Released June 12 1916 The Fireman was the second film Charlie Chaplin created for Mutual Films in 1916. Released in June 1916, it starred Charlie as the fireman and Edna Purviance as the daughter to Leo White
  3. article the and daily southern cross friday, june 2, 1916. finance after the war. article the embargo on wool. article the compulsion debate. article notes and comments. article local and general news. article knocked down by tram; article bank of new zealand. article chinese revolt. article farmers ruined by war
  4. Pris: 219 kr. Häftad, 2016. Skickas inom 7-10 vardagar. Köp The Somme 24 June - 19 November 1916 av Richard Doherty på Bokus.com
  5. Explore the full June 1916 issue of Vanity Fair. Browse featured articles, preview selected issue contents, and more
  6. Transcription 8th Queens B. E. F. 9. 6. 1916. My dear Father, This letter should reach you on or about your birthday, so I wish you very many happy returns, & may your next one be spent under more peaceful conditions. There is no news & I have nothing to acknowledge to-day as the English post has failed. However I have heard from Cox & Co that they have sent you a cheque for the cost of the.

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Portrait of William S. Hart in the June 1916 issue of ''The Photo-Play Journal' 22 Thursday, 22 June 1916. 23 Friday, 23 June 1916. 24 Saturday, 24 June 1916. 25 Sunday, 25 June 1916.

June 1916. View All Academics Admissions Alumni Arts Athletics CLW Homecoming Student Affairs. 191 saturday, june 3, 1916. military service. article the french at verdun. article german dissensions. article notes and comments. article local and general news. article killed on railway. article trade correspondents. article australian news. article railway servants' pay. article struck by lightning. grouping_node page 6 advertisement

Charlie Chaplins 52nd Film Released June 12 1916 The Fireman was the second film Charlie Chaplin created for Mutual Films in 1916. Released in June 1916, it. 3. Kirk Douglas Actor | Spartacus . Cleft-chinned, steely-eyed and virile star of international cinema who rose from being the ragman's son (the name of his best-selling 1988 autobiography) to become a bona fide superstar, Kirk Douglas, also known as Issur Danielovitch Demsky, was born on December 9, 1916 in Amsterdam, New York.. Following up on my earlier post of Mentions in Despatches, here is the issue form 15-6-1916. Use EditFind (On this page) from your web browser to search. THURSDAY, 15 JUNE, 1916. War Office, 15th June, 1916. The following despatch hs been received by the Secretary of State for War from General Si..

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R.I.P. Carla Laemmle, October 20, 1909 - June 12, 2014 Eli Wallach, December 7, 1915 - June 24, 2014 Louis Zamperini, January 26, 1917 - July 2, 2014 Zohra Segal, April 27, 1912 - July 10, 2014 Don Pardo, February 22, 1918 - August 18, 2014 Don Keefer, August 18, 1916 - September 7, 2014 Renée Asherson, May 19, 1915 - October 30, 2014 Grace Albertson, August 4, 1919 - November 3, 2014 Phil. Battle of Jutland, 30th May to 1st June, 1916. Official dispatches with appendixes by Great Britain. Admiralty; Jellicoe, John Rushworth Jellicoe, Earl, 1859-1935. Publication date 1920 Topics Great Britain The Battle of Jutland was the only major naval battle of World War One, and the only full scale fleet battle between Dreadnought battleships. Although the R.. 1916. 3.1K likes · 46 talking about this. • Trocamos Divulgação √ • Vagas para CDC ' Seja Leve e Releve

Brusilov Offensive, Brusilov Offensive, (4 June-10 August 1916), the largest Russian assault during World War I and one of the deadliest in history. At last the Russians had a capable commander, General Aleksey Brusilov , and in this offensive he inflicted a defeat on Austro-Hungarian forces from which their empire never recovered File:Nieuport 16 with overwing Lewis machine gun at Lemmes in June, 1916 (cropped).jpg Metadata This file contains additional information such as Exif metadata which may have been added by the digital camera, scanner, or software program used to create or digitize it

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  1. English: Waukesha suffragists, June 7, 1916 Ada James, in foreground with sash; Theodora Youmans in center back ro
  2. Check out June 1916 movies and get ratings, reviews, trailers and clips for new and popular movies
  3. June 1916 Wednesday 7 Fine day. Before break fast I wheeled a lot of turf in from the road side to the creek bed. Down to office. Not much doing. M Galvin down from Pahiatua & I took him to see A Owen re the latter taking over Galvins farm & stock etc. War new

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1 post published by drakestation during June 1916. Drake Station Drake Station is a whistle stop along the Pacific railway at a valley called Santa Anita, not far from Santa Barbara. Monthly Archives: June 1916. June 24, 1916 by drakestation. Diary: John James Hollister Sr. Daybook June 1916 Friday 30 Fair day. Light showers in morning. At office. A Peterson & N McLachlan in re sale of latters property to the former & went to Gawith & Logan's & signed agreement. Mr Healy of Blenheim in re purchase of pro perty & arranged to go out with me to see Coope 1916 witnessed two of the most decisive battles of World War One - at Verdun and the Somme. 1916 is seen as the year when the armies of Britain, France and Germany were bled to death. January 1st: Riots in Austria-Hungary forced down the price of grain and flour as set by the government. Sir Julian Byng, commanding officer of the Canadian Corps, June 1916-June 1917. Location unknown. May, 1917. Credit: Canada. Department of National Defence/Library and Archives Canada (MIKAN no.3213526 1 June 1916. June 1, 2016 Uncategorized leicestermuseums. An extra quantity of work must be my excuse for the long delay since I last wrote. Most days I have been out & about round the trenches, & have only just got in from a rather hot ramble today

And so, on the 23rd June 1916, and having been chosen as the unit to carry out the attack, the 116th Brigade came out of the trenches and began training behind the lines. Although they were working with a replica of the ground that they would be crossing, none of the units involved were totally familiar with the terrain 20 Tuesday, 20 June 1916. 21 Wednesday, 21 June 1916. 22 Thursday, 22 June 1916. 23 Friday, 23 June 1916. 20th June 1916 Dear Mother, Thanks for your letters and by the way don't send anything till I say. And I think the lettuces must have gone astray though I had the pineapple and it was lovely. I have at last got some of my luggage sent home. A man who is going o

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article the new zealand herald and daily southern cross tuesday, june 6, 1916. the north sea results. article parliamentary waste. article germany and the neutrals; article notes and comments. article local and general news. article motor-car accident. article accidents and death June 15, 1916 was the 167 th day of the year 1916 in the Gregorian calendar. There were 199 days remaining until the end of the year. The day of the week was Thursday.. If you are trying to learn French then this day of the week in French is jeudi.. A person born on this day will be 104 years old today saturday, june 17, 1916. national balance-sheet. article public works expenditure. article higher income tax. article local and general news. article economic co-operation; article wreck of a steamer. article rain by wireless. article china's fiscal system; article australian news. article boers' objection. article drivers' union award. 1915 was a year for the Central Powers except on the Western Front where the stalemate continues. But plans are being made on both sides to gain an advantage.. ››Date difference from Jan 19, 1910 to Jun 15, 1916. The total number of days between Wednesday, January 19th, 1910 and Thursday, June 15th, 1916 is 2,339 days. This is equal to 6 years, 4 months, and 27 days.. This does not include the end date, so it's accurate if you're measuring your age in days, or the total days between the start and end date

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June 27, 1916 was the 179 th day of the year 1916 in the Gregorian calendar. There were 187 days remaining until the end of the year. The day of the week was Tuesday.. If you are trying to learn Spanish then this day of the week in Spanish is martes.. A person born on this day will be 104 years old today According to a June 20, 1916, article from The New York Times, the New York Guard put in a requisition for 150,000 pounds of beef (75 tons), 200,000 pounds of flour. June 6, 1916 was a Tuesday and it was the 158 th day of the year 1916. It was the 23 rd Tuesday of that year. The next time you can reuse your old 1916 calendar will be in 2028.Both calendars will be exactly the same! This is assuming you are not interested in the dates for Easter and other irregular holidays that are based on a lunisolar calendar

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Early life. Francis Harry Compton Crick was born on 8 June 1916 to Annie and Harry Crick in the village of Weston Favell, near Northampton. The Cricks were quite well-off, having inherited a share of a once prosperous shoe and boot manufacturing business in Northampton that included several retail shops in London Written: January-June, 1916 Published: First published in mid-1917 in pamphlet form, Petrograd. Published according to the manuscript and verified with the text of the pamphlet. Source: Lenin's Selected Works, Progress Publishers, 1963, Moscow, Volume 1, pp. 667 766. Transcription\Markup: Tim Delaney & Kevin Goins (2008) Public Domain: Lenin Internet Archive 2005 22 Thursday, 22 June 1916. 23 Friday, 23 June 1916. 24 Saturday, 24 June 1916. 1 issue. The Sacred Heart Review, Volume 56, Number 2; 25 Sunday, 25 June 1916. Tonopah daily bonanza. [volume] (Tonopah, Nev.) 1906-1929, June 10, 1916, Image 1, brought to you by University of Nevada Las Vegas University Libraries, and the National Digital Newspaper Program

Land Battles - Mount Sorrel | Canada and the First World WarThe Glory of Russian Painting: Nikolai Kornilievich Bodarevsky831Meaning, origin and history of the name Tristan - Behind

Opened 8 March 1916: Fifth Battle of the Isonzo: Opened 9 March 1916: Battle of Lake Naroch: Opened 18 March 1916: First Battle of Kut: Opened 5 April 1916: Battle of Asiago: Opened 15 May 1916: Trentino Offensive: Opened 15 May 1916: Battle of Jutland: Opened 31 May 1916: Battle of Lutsk: Opened 4 June 1916: Battle of Khanaqin: Opened June. Explore the full June 1 1916 issue of Vogue. Browse featured articles, preview selected issue contents, and more Thursday, June 29, 1916 RNING, JUNE 29, 1916 ILL! PITCHER SHAFT UNVEILED AT CARLISLE Thousands Witness Dedication of Memorial to the Heroine of the Revolutionary War' Special to The Inquirer June 7, 1916 was the 159 th day of the year 1916 in the Gregorian calendar. There were 207 days remaining until the end of the year. The day of the week was Wednesday.. If you are trying to learn Japanese then this day of the week in Japanese is Suiyōbi.. A person born on this day will be 104 years old today

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