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Specific modulus (specific stiffness) - long version. Specific modulus is a materials property consisting of the elastic modulus per mass density of a material. It is also known as the stiffness to weight ratio or specific stiffness. High specific modulus materials find wide application in aerospace applications where minimum structural weight is. Specific stiffness can be used in the design of beams subject to bending or Euler buckling, since. Fracture specific stiffness is often used to characterize a fracture or joint because it is intimately related to the condition or state of the fracture void geometry. A joint consists of two rough surfaces that, when subjected to stress, come into contact and deform the rock matrix and the asperities in contact, both of which affect the size and shapes of the voids through which fluid flows

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The specific strength is a material's strength (force per unit area at failure) divided by its. specific stiffness that is of most importance, but rather the variation of the stiffness These materials are used in the example below to provide better contrast between a material of higher stiffness and lower stiffness. The Nylon 12 (FDM) has a modulus of 185,000 psi while the Nylon 12 Glass Filled (SLS) has a modulus of 420,000 psi The specific stiffness of the mechanical metamaterials (shown as Fig. 9(c) and (d)) is determined through experimental and numerical methods, which are plotted in Fig. 9(e) and (f), respectively. A comparison of the specific stiffness between the structure with regular hexagons and the structure without hexagon layer is shown in Fig. 9(e) 3.Results 3.1. Stiffness. Our specific hypothesis, that leg stiffness would not differ among runners with and without RSPs, was... 3.2. Ground reaction forces and leg compression. We calculated Kleg from peak vertical ground reaction force and virtual... 3.3. Leg sweep angle and landing velocity..

Interestingly the racquet stiffness measurement is not some commonly used formula that is seen across many other products or walks of life. You won't see the term RA used anywhere outside racquet sports and it's said to be the acronym for racquet analysis.A name coined in the early days of measuring racquet stiffness by applying a specific force to a frame and steel bar placed at 327mm to act. tenth of the strength or stiffness of a 0° ply to the overall performance of the laminate -Rapid and reasonably accurate estimate -Used in Aerospace industry where standard layup [0/±45/90] is usually used E x = E 11. (0.1 + 0.9 × % plies at 0°) σ x = σ 11. (0.1 + 0.9 × % plies at 0°) G xy = E 11. (0.028 + 0.234 × % plies at ± 45°

The specific stiffness is a material property that plays a role as a selection criterion in lightweight construction. It indicates the resistance of a material with a given mass to deformation in the elastic range. In many cases, the greatest possible specific rigidity is desired. The specific stiffness can be calculated a specific stiffness Source. OnePetro (19

Thus, lineage-specific stiffness and cyclic stretch can be applied together for inducing MSC differentiation towards SMCs without the addition of recombinant growth factors or other soluble factors. This represents a novel stimulation method for modulating the phenotype of MSCs towards SMCs that could easily be incorporated into currently available methodologies to obtain a more targeted. Related Topics . Mechanics - Forces, acceleration, displacement, vectors, motion, momentum, energy of objects and more; Material Properties - Material properties for gases, fluids and solids - densities, specific heats, viscosities and more ; Statics - Loads - force and torque, beams and columns ; Related Documents . Compression and Tension Strength of some common Materials - Common materials. this video is all about the topic of Stiffness under mechanical engineering. Stiffness (or rigidity) is a property of a polymers that is described by Flexural modulus or bending modulus of elasticity. It is therefore one of the most important properties of solid materials. Flexural Modulus denotes the ability of a material to bend

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Accurate thickness measurement of process-line steel ensures the finished products have specific mechanical properties, including the appropriate strength and stiffness for their application. An excellent way to accomplish this is by processing the material through a cold rolling mill English: Materials are plotted by stiffness (Young's modulus) versus density, and grouped by material type. Guidelines are provided to compare materials by stiffness versus density, stiffness versus density squared, and stiffness versus density cubed. The full range of stiffnesses and densities is included. Only a few materials are labeled specific stiffnessの意味や使い方 比剛性 - 約1172万語ある英和辞典・和英辞典。 発音・イディオムも分かる英語辞書。 specific stiffness: 比剛 Only arterial stiffness in men was associated with ApoA1 (OR, 3.96; 95% CI [1.29-12.30], P < 0.05) in logistics regression models adjusted for age, gender, body mass index, education attainment, physical activity, smoking, history of hypertension and high-density lipoprotein

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• Specific stiffness is Young's modulus divided by density; light, stiff products require high values for specific stiffness (more properly called specific modulus) Stiffness is resistance to elastic deformation. Young's modulus Y=stress/strain. so, for given stress if young's modulus is high then elastic deformation is small About Press Copyright Contact us Creators Advertise Developers Terms Privacy Policy & Safety How YouTube works Test new features Press Copyright Contact us Creators. Abnormalities in x-ray and magnetic resonance imaging and the occurrence of non-specific low back pain seem not to be strongly associated. Abnormalities found when imaging people without back pain are just as prevalent as those found in patients with back pain. Van Tulder and Roland reported radiological abnormalities varying from 40% to 50% for degeneration and spondylosis in people without.

n Elastic modulus (usually the tensile modulus) divided by density, the SI unit being Pa/(kg/m 3) (technically reducible to J/kg, which blurs its derivation and true nature).For example, the specific moduli of neat acetal resin (homopolymer) and glass-fiber-reinforced epoxy are, respectively, 2.3 and 11 MPa/(kg/m 3) specific stiffness. specific stiffness Specific strength — The specific strength is a material strength divided by its density. It is expressed in newton metres per kilogram, and is used for tensile strength as for compressive strength. It is sometimes known as the strength to weight ratio. Materials.

This paper presents a novel local specific stiffness identification method based on a multi-scale weak formulation. Based on the local equation of motion, the specific stiffness of a structure can be extracted from its measured vibration displacement, which can further be used as an indicator of damage occurrence inside the structure Patient-specific spinal stiffness in AIS: a preoperative and noninvasive method. Berger S(1), de Oliveira M, Schuman S, Schneider J, Studer D, Hasler C, Zheng G, Büchler P. Author information: (1)Institute for Surgical Technology and Biomechanics, University of Bern, Stauffacherstrasse 78, 3014, Bern, Switzerland, steve.berger@istb.unibe.ch Journal of Biomimetics, Biomaterials and Biomedical Engineering Materials Science. Defect and Diffusion Foru People seek out massage for sensations of stiffness more than pain—and they crave focused pressure on specific sore spots of unclear nature known as 'tps'. Some tissues probably create stronger sensations of stiffness when irritated, and muscle is a prime candidate Familiar examples are the specific stiffness, Elp, and the specific strength, (where E is Young's modulus, cy is the yield strength or elastic limit, and p is the density), but there are many others. They are a key to the optimal selection of materials. Details of the method, with numerous examples are given in references [I] and [2]

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The stiffness can occur due to problems with back muscles, joints in the spine, or the spinal cord itself. Common characteristics of a stiff back. If you're experiencing a stiff back, it can likely be described by: Pain; Pain and stiffness in other joints or muscles; Stiffness that is worse in the morning; Specific tender points in the back muscle Direct foam writing enables the construction of architected cellular ceramics with tailored microstructure, geometry, and mechanical properties. These bioinspired, hierarchical structures exhibit different modes of deformation as well as exceptional specific stiffness. This work represents an important step toward the scalable fabrication of architected porous materials, which may find.

CRASH3 stiffness coefficients, A and B [3]. The estimated damage offset speed is then used, with the calculated collision force, to determine the accident-specific stiffness coefficients of the target vehicle. Hard spots such as wheel assemblies can be taken into account during this estimation. The stiffness coefficients determined by thi I want to calculate specific tensile modulus and specific tensile strength of a fiber. I want to convert the unit of specific modulus or strength in (10 8 or 10 6 cm) as shown in the attached. When a structural member is subjected to torque or twisting force as shown in the fig. (Courtesy Advanced Mechanics of Materials Fred B Seely James O Smith) below it tends to twist and this twist (Theta) is measured in radians. The resistance offe.. Viele übersetzte Beispielsätze mit specific stiffness - Deutsch-Englisch Wörterbuch und Suchmaschine für Millionen von Deutsch-Übersetzungen

Calculate the specific strength and specific stiffness of the following materials and pick one for use in an airplane spar. Explain your choice. a) Steel S=80 kpsi (552 MPa) b) Aluminum S= 60 kpsi (414 MPa) c) Titanium S= 90 kpsi (621 MPa удельная жёсткост Stiffness is the resistance of an elastic body to deflection or deformation by an applied force - and can be expressed as. k = F / δ (1) where . k = stiffness (N/m, lb/in) F = applied force (N, lb) δ = extension, deflection (m, in In lightweight engineering, there is a constant quest for low‐density materials featuring high mass‐specific stiffness and strength. Additively‐manufactured metamaterials are particularly promising candidates as the controlled introduction of porosity allows for tailoring their density while activating strengthening size‐effects at the nano‐ and microstructural level

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n питома жорсткіст Specific Specific Material Density Modulus Yield Ultimate Yield Stiffness Glass 2.6 70 70 70 26.9 26.9 Aluminum, Alloy 1100-H14 2.7 69 110 120 40.7 25.6 Steel, High Strength, low range 7.85 200 340 550 43.3 25.5 Magnesium, low 1.8 43 80 140 44.4 23.9 Steel, hot rolled, 1% C 7.85 200 580 960 73.9 25.5 Glass, Phys Tempered 2.6 70 210 210 80.8 26. Specific stiffness of materials within the range 0.9-5.0 g/cm^3 density and 10-1300 GPa stiffness. Captions. Summary . Description: English: Materials are plotted by stiffness (Young's modulus) versus density, and grouped by material type. Guidelines are provided to compare materials by stiffness versus density, stiffness versus density.

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We observe a transition of the PEG molecules' extension and stiffness above about 1.2 mM K+ ion concentration which is specific to potassium ions. Molecular dynamics simulations reveal the formation of crown-like structures as the most likely molecular mechanism responsible for this specific effect The aerogel exhibits an ultralow thermal conductivity of ~14 mW/m·K, an exceptional high stiffness (a specific modulus of ~24.7 kN·m/kg), and excellent thermal and chemical stabilities even under heating at 1200°C by a butane blow torch, which makes it an ideal thermally superinsulating material for applications under extreme conditions BackgroundFor patients with chronic liver disease, different optimal liver stiffness cut-off values correspond to different stages of fibrosis, which are specific for the underlying liver disease and population. AimsTo establish the normal ranges of liver stiffness in the healthy Chinese population without underlying liver disease. MethodsThis is a prospective cross sectional study of 2,528.

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Seek immediate medical attention if you experience muscle stiffness along with any of the following symptoms: fever, especially with stiffness in the neck extreme muscle weakness redness, pain, and swelling in the area you're experiencing muscle stiffness muscle pain that began after taking a new. 1 HIGH SPECIFIC STRENGTH AND STIFFNESS STRUCTURES PRODUCED USING SELECTIVE LASER MELTING Vivien J. Challis1,*, Xiaoxue Xu2,†, Lai Chang Zhang3, Anthony P. Roberts1, Joseph F. Grotowski1, Timothy B. Sercombe2 1. School of Mathematics and Physics, The University of Queensland, St Lucia, QLD 4072, Australia 2. School of Mechanical and Chemical Engineering, The University of Western Australia. Recall that stiffness is defined as . If we rearrange the equation above , we can determine the stiffness of the cantilever beam. The result is: (3) That's it!! We were able to apply our knowledge of solid mechanics and statics to derive the stiffness of an end loaded cantilver beam. In some cases, we deal with torque loads, i.e. moments Early on, stiffness may come and go, but it gradually becomes fixed. The shoulders, neck, and hips may also be affected. As the disease progresses, stiffness of the leg muscles develops, and is often more pronounced on one side than the other (asymmetrical). This leads to a slow, stiff manner of walking Stiff fingers can cause much discomfort and loss of motion in the hands. We look at the various causes and treatment options, as well as stretches and exercises that may help

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  1. The specific heat for bulk SiC is 1134 J/kg-K at 500ßC and 1189 J/kg-K at 700ßC [11,15]. A slightly less pronounced variation in the temperature-dependent specific heat has been recently presented for sintered alpha-SiC [12]. The source of the specific heat discrepanc
  2. Values specified for a specific contact pair override the values for the whole model, if given. STIFFNESS SCALE FACTOR. Set this parameter equal to the factor by which Abaqus/Standard will scale the default penalty stiffness to obtain the stiffnesses used for the contact pairs
  3. Stiffness Stiffness is the measure of force required to bend a paper through a specified angle. Stiffness is an important property for box boards, corrugating medium and to certain extent for printing papers also. Specific Heat Capacity of Paper:.
  4. specific stiffness. Play ENDEENus. Play ENDEENuk. Play ENDEENau. Meanings of specific stiffness in German English Dictionary : 1 result(s) Kategori İngilizce Almanca; Astronomy: 1: Astronomy: specific stiffness
  5. The immune system is carefully tuned to respond to dangers in the environment. Chakraborty et al. show that environmental stiffness controls dendritic cell metabolism, phenotype, and inflammatory function through downstream Hippo-signaling mediators. The findings provide evidence for mechanical force as an integral node directing innate immune responses
  6. What is Leg Spring Stiffness? In its simplest definition, LSS measures the stiffness of the muscles and tendons in your leg. As a result, LSS is a measure of how well a runner recycles the energy applied to the ground in each stride. Increases in LSS indicate economy improvement over time
  7. Specific strength is also known as the strength-to-weight ratio or strength/weight ratio. Corrosionpedia explains Specific Strength In material selection, specific strength is an important concept - the materials with the highest specific strengths are typically fibers such as carbon fiber, glass fiber and various polymers, and these are frequently used to make composite materials (e.g.

Orthopaedics Today Europe | Elbow stiffness following trauma, surgery or due to joint degeneration is a common problem that can significantly impede upper extremity range of motion. Morrey and. Development of an empirical model relating permeability and specific stiffness for rough fractures from numerical deformation experiments: Fracture Permeability and Stiffness 2. Stiffness Test of Joint Surface 2.1. Stiffness Testing Theory of Joint Surface. Because the machined surface is not smooth and consists of a series of uneven peaks and valleys (as shown in Figure 2), forming a certain roughness, the contact of the two rough surfaces forms a joint surface.Many scholars have studied the stiffness of the joint surface: some studies are based on the fractal. Normal tissue cells are generally not viable when suspended in a fluid and are therefore said to be anchorage dependent. Such cells must adhere to a solid, but a solid can be as rigid as glass or softer than a baby's skin. The behavior of some cells on soft materials is characteristic of important phenotypes; for example, cell growth on soft agar gels is used to identify cancer cells

A mechanical molecular spring isolator (MMSI) is proposed for the purpose of isolating the low-frequency vibration of a heavy payload. The MMSI is a passive vibration isolation technique mimicking molecular spring isolator characteristics of high-static-low-dynamic stiffness (HSLDS). An MMSI consists of a piston-cylinder container filled with the liquid and some hydraulic spring accumulators Pourahmadian, Fatemeh, and Guzina, Bojan B. On the elastic-wave imaging and characterization of fractures with specific stiffness.United States: N. p., 2015 n SPACE rigidez específica f. English-Spanish technical dictionary. specific stiffness In order to understand soil stiffness (and the whole of soil mechanics) it is necessary to take account of the current state of the soil. For isotropic stresses, the state is described by the current effective stress and specific volume with respect to a reference line; for anisotropic stress states, the stress ratio should be included

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  1. ing the different normalized parameters that characterize the mechanical behavior of porous and compact beams. The effect of pore space structure characterized by parameters m (the ratio of pore-former material and powder.
  2. (a) Touch-down angle (θ), (b) leg spring compression (ΔL) and (c) peak vertical GRF averaged from three different running-specific prosthetic models at one stiffness category below recommended (−1 Cat), at recommended (Rec Cat) and at one stiffness category greater than recommended (+1 Cat) across running speeds
  3. Abstract: Objective: We investigate the field feasibility of carotid stiffness measurement using ARTSENS® Touch and report the first community-level data from India. Method: In an analytical crosssectional survey among 1074 adults, we measured specific stiffness index (β), pressure-strain elastic modulus (E p), arterial compliance (AC), and one-point pulse wave velocity (PWV β) from the.
  4. Neutrophils have no preference for a given stiffness and spread equally well on soft and stiff substrates. 14 Myocytes are able to spread and form myotubes on substrates covering a wide range of stiffnesses but require substrates of intermediate E (approximately 12 kPa) for optimal striation. 5, 14 This cell type-specific variability in mechanical responsiveness may have important clinical.
  5. Increased vascular stiffness with aging represents an independent risk factor of cardiac dysfunction. 1,2 It has been suggested that changes in vascular stiffness are not apparent in most animal models, potentially because of the relatively short lifespan of traditional laboratory models, ie, rodents. 3 We reasoned that a nonhuman primate model of aging would be unique for understanding the.

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  1. The terms strength and stiffness often are used interchangeably, but they have different meanings and significance. Strength. Strength is a measure of the stress that can be applied to a material before it permanently deforms (yield strength) or breaks (tensile strength)
  2. Periodic ceramic-polymer shell-network of high specific stiffness Marianna Diamantopoulou(1), Colin Bonatti(1,2) and Dirk Mohr(1) (1)Department of Mechanical and Process Engineering, ETH Zürich, Switzerland, dmohr@ethz.ch (2)Department of Mechanical Engineering, MIT, Cambridge, USA KEYWORDS
  3. The stiffness of a material is measured by its modulus of elasticity. The modulus of carbon fiber is typically 33 msi (228 GPa) and its ultimate tensile strength is typically 500 ksi (3.5 Gpa). High stiffness and strength carbon fiber materials are also available through specialized heat treatment processes with much higher values

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  1. Poor floor effects at 6 months (pain = 25.20%, stiffness = 30.91) and 2 years (pain = 39.54%, stiffness = 46.91%) Adequate floor effects for function at 6 months (4.86%) and 2 years (8.52%) Excellent ceiling effects at 6 months (pain = 0.27%, function = 0.00% stiffness = 0.54%) and 2 years (pain = 0.33%, function = 0.00% stiffness = 0.33%)
  2. ated Flame Retardant, BFR 溴化阻燃劑; 節拍時間(Takt Time) 生命週期評估(Life Cycle.
  3. Effects of plyometric training on passive stiffness of gastrocnemii and the musculo-articular complex of the ankle joint. Scand J Med Sci Sports. In press. ISI | Google Scholar; 11. Fukunaga T , Roy RR , Shellock FG , Hodgson JA , Edgerton VR. Specific tension of human plantar flexors and dorsiflexors. J Appl Physiol 80: 158-165, 1996
  4. These preclinical studies in young and aged male monkeys showed that vascular stiffness with aging is also due to intrinsic changes in the stiffness of the SMCs. α‐Smooth muscle actin and β1‐integrin expression were increased in VSMCs from the aged male monkeys. α‐Smooth muscle actin is a stress fibre‐specific isoform in the VSMC and plays a major role in mechano‐sensation and.
  5. Development of lattice materials with high specific stiffness and strength 輕質高強點陣材料及其力學性能研究進展; As the lightest constructional material , magnesium alloy has high specific strength , high specific stiffness, good magnetic - shielding ability , good damping ability , and good machinability 鎂合金是比重最輕的結構材料,具有高的比強度、比.
  6. We read the article by Fraquelli et al ( Gut 2007; 56 :968-73) with great interest. In addition to the Fibroscan's excellent reproducibility, the authors reported stiffness cut-offs for the non-invasive diagnosis of liver fibrosis with, notably, a value of 11.9 kPa for cirrhosis. This choice is arguable because the study population

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  1. How to Reduce Liver Stiffness. Your liver is responsible for filtering toxins out of your body, so keeping it in good working order is important for your overall health. Some conditions can raise your liver's stiffness, which is a..
  2. Geophysical Prospecting, 2009, 57, 209-224 doi: 10.1111/j.1365-2478.2008.00771.x Laboratory-scale study of field of view and the seismic interpretation of fracture specific stiffness Angel Acosta-Colon1, Laura J. Pyrak-Nolte1,2∗ and David D. Nolte2 1Department of Earth and Atmospheric Sciences, Purdue University, 525 Northwestern Avenue, West Lafayette, IN 47907-2036, USA, an
  3. um alloys 6061-T6 and 7075-T6, and titanium Ti-6Al-4V. 2. Compare.
  4. ated thin-walled structures are widely used in aerospace and aeronautic structures due to weight-light, their high specific strength, high specific stiffness, fatigue resistance and flexibility in design.. 复合材料层合结构由于重量轻、比强度高,比刚度大、耐疲劳性和铺层可设计性好等优点,广泛地应用于航空和.

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According to tissue properties, such as matrix composition and stiffness, cells require specific culture conditions and materials that better resemble features of the tissue of origin. Moreover, hydrogels and scaffold properties (e.g., swelling ratio, pore size, stiffness) must be fully characterized to strictly regulate cell culture conditions 1 1 2 3 Title: Golfer Specific Responses to Shaft Stiffness: Implications for Optimizing Loft during Driver Fitting 4 5 Running Title: Golfer Specific Responses to Shaft Stiffness 6 7 Authors: Sasho J. MacKenzie and Daniel E. Boucher 8 9 Affiliation: Sports Biomechanics Lab, St. Francis Xavier University, Antigonish, NS, Canada 10 11 Key Words: Golf, Golf Club, Fitting, Shaft, Motion Captur It is possible to vary with stiffness in transverse direction of a plate by changing formof panel ribs. This property can be described as structure's or material's level of anisotropy or the other results aredescribable as specific strength or stiffness (to mass of whole construction) Liver stiffness values are usually reported to the nearest decimal point (eg, 2.6 kPa rather than 2.63 kPa). At 60 Hz, most normal livers will have a mean stiffness of less than 2.5 kPa (8,51,61,62). Liver stiffness progressively increases with increasing stages of fibrosis

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Secondly, we investigated whether any association between arterial stiffness and the microbiome might be accounted for by specific circulating metabolites known to be generated by the gut microbiome: phenylacetylglutamine and trimethylamine oxide (TMAO), previously linked to cardiovascular disease, 2 and indoleproprionate (IPA), 21 an antioxidant associated with MetS, 22 and which might also. Rapidly solidified high temperature aluminum alloy AA8009 (Al-8.9Fe-1.3V-1.7Si) is a kind of lightweight structure materials with high specific strength, high specific stiffness and excellent heat-resistance. It is able to be applied to the aerospace and aircraft industries instead of some of titanium alloys or steels which are usually used at the temperature range of 150~350℃

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