When i connect my phone to computer it says folder is empty

Sometimes I can get the folders to show by repeated disconnect/reconnect or cycling through the USB connection options on the phone (files > photos > charging > files again), and then often it fails with the same error at the next folder down (e.g. going into DCIM or Sounds) If your iPhone is unlocked, you may see this folder is empty when clicking on the DCIM folder. Step 1 Connect your iPhone or iPad to the PC by using a workable USB cable. Step 2 Unlock the device. Enter the passcode if it is needed. Step 3 Tap on Trust in the pop-up prompt. Step 4 Turn to PC, in the This PC interface, click refresh. And then open the device or the folder again. The DCIM folder should not be empty this time. Solution 2 If you own a Samsung based phone you are sure to run into some version of this problem sooner or later. This Folder is Empty USB Connected Samsung Galaxy to PC 1.Check to see if your smartphone is password locked and unlock it. If your device is locked you will see the This Folder is empty message on a connected Samsung phone These tips will help you in fixing the issue, and let your iPhone photos show up on your computer when iPhone internal storage is displayed as empty on your PC. 1. Make Sure Your iPhone Is Not Locked & Try Another USB Cable. When your iPhone is locked and you connect it to your computer through USB, you are prevented from viewing its contents When I try to open a folder however, they all say This folder is empty. What I've tried already (none of these helped): 1. Unlocked my phone . 2. Different USB ports and a different PC to connect to . 3. Android OS up-to-date . 4. Updated Samsung driver on my computer . 5. Type of connection set to MTP (File transfer). Tried PTP too, didn't help

So in case, your iPhone device is unlocked, then you may see that your DCIM folder is empty when you click on it. So with that, here is what you need to do. Step 1: First is you have to connect your iPhone device to your computer using your USB cable. Step 2: Then, go ahead and unlock your iPhone device There are many possibilities here starting with the fact that just from the wording of the question, we don't know what type of phone you have (Android, Windows, iPhone), what OS the computer you're trying to connect it to is running (Mac OS, Windows), what application you're using to listen to music on your phone, or what application you're using on the computer when it tells you the folder is empty

Change the mode to the Transfer files (MTP) selection. You should now see your phone's files on your PC. Hopefully, this simple fix should allow you to view your phone's files on your PC When I connect my pocophone F1 to PC via USB, on PC it shows this folder is empty whether I have any microSD card in the phone or not. Is there 1) plugging in your phone 2) Windows 10 grabs the phone and immediately opens the explorer window, which is completely blank Close that window when it opens, and go through Windows Explorer (just..

This folder is empty when viewing internal storage of

  1. e and all phones storages.
  2. Here's a tip for iPhone users. If you have connected your iPhone to your Windows computer and can see the phone under 'Computer' but the folder is empty - don't despair! There are two situations I've seen this happen - the screen is locked and Windows has decided to make the files hidden files. Method 1: Unlock the devic
  3. I connect the USB cable to the PC, go to file explorer, devices, and select the iPhone. I then click the internal storage folder, which shows as red (full), but when I click that, it says the folder is empty. This happens all the time. Every once in a while I am actually able to get my photos
  4. [Help] Folder is empty when connected to PC Whenever I connect my phone to my PC, it opens the phone folder but displays nothing, it just says This Folder is Empty I can't access any pictures, music or anything at all through my PC
  5. A loading circle appears in the Photos app when downloading from iCloud. The DCIM folder stores photos that your iDevice recently downloaded or hasn't uploaded to iCloud yet. Usually, this is a small selection of your photo library. That's why the DCIM folder is empty when you connect your iPhone to a PC
  6. Here is recommended to use original USB cable or USB port come from Apple, or else your iPhone may not be detected by the computer to cause iPhone DCIM folder not showing up anything. If the above methods didn't work to fix iPhone internal storage shows empty issue and you have another computer available, you can try to check on another computer, one without iTunes installed would be preferred

Samsung Galaxy S8: Fix Computer Showing Empty Folder (USB Connection) Watch later. Share. Copy link. Info. Shopping. Tap to unmute. If playback doesn't begin shortly, try restarting your device. Unrecognized drivers can be a possible reason why your phone internal storage doesn't show up on your computer. Uninstalling the phone driver from your computer can address your concern. You may refer to the steps below: Go to Device Manager, expand Portable Devices and right click on Apple iPhone

I'm having a weird problem with my Samsung Galaxy Nexus, where files created and written to in my application are displaying fine when accessed on the phone itself (via ES File Explorer), but when I try to view the same files on my PC (with phone connected via USB), they show up as having 0 bytes (and empty when opened) This Folder Is Empty. Some users report that they can't find their files when they open This PC or a partition. File Explorer just shows This folder is empty. What annoys users is that they know there are files. Users have reported that they didn't make any change to their computers. However, a folder shows empty but files are there Windows 10

Fixed - iPhone DCIM Folder Empty When Connect to Windows P

Sadly, for some users, the DCIM folder doesn't show up on PC when connected to the iPhone or iPad. For others, while the DCIM folder is visible, it's empty and doesn't show any photo. For a few.. I copied a folder from my desktop to my USB Flash Drive. I plugged the Flash Drive into my laptop but the files are missing in the folder. I tried to copy the folder files again to the Flash Drive in the Desktop. Upon taking out the Flash Drive I plugged it immediately back into the desktop and it says This folder is empty

I connected my Galaxy S6 to my PC (Windows 7) for the first time. My computer installed the driver successfully and the device is showing under Removable Storage. When I click on the device from my PC, however, the folder is empty. There are no folders visible at all. I tried the option of automatically importing the pictures, too The question asked by a user: How to connect Google Pixel to my computer under Windows 10 and view files and folders on the internal storage? The issue is when I plug in my Pixel to a desktop PC using USB I see an empty storage in the explorer: absolutely nothing is visible there and I can only see This folder is empty

So, when you experience the frightening issue that the folder shows empty but it has files, don't hesitate to download EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard to restore the hidden files. Your first move is to delete or remove the virus by using cmd. And then restore files from This folder is empty. Step 1 BEST INFO EVER Best Windows Kodi Box: https://goo.gl/VBbdv9Best Android TV Box: https://goo.gl/pAV7xGibVPN for Streaming Videos: https.. Hello forum, On my first attempt to connect my FP2 to my PC after the Android 6 update, the FP2 icon continues to appear in the Explorer list, but when clicked on, I am told 'This Folder is empty. When I initially connect, the screen to import photos and videos opens, but I am told that none can be found on the device I connect my iphone 3GS to my PC (Windows XP) and the Apple iPhone icon appears in My Computer. So far so good. I then click on said icon, and the folder is empty. I have many photos on my phone, and they are just not showing up. I've tried opening the scanner and camera wizard, but it says the device is busy

This Folder is Empty USB Connected Samsung Galaxy to PC

7 Solutions to Fix iPhone Internal Storage Is Empty When

My computer will show my phone and the internal storage but when I try to open the folder to download them, it says, This folder is empty. Sometimes I will eventually get the DCIM folder to pop up after I repeatedly plug and unplug my phone back in, switch cords, try all the USBs but its never consistent or reliable and usually it just doesn't work and I have to give up Connect your phone to the computer using a different USB cord. Try connecting the phone to a different USB port. Check if the Android phone not showing up on PC issue still occurs Unlock your iPhone and open the Home screen, then connect it via USB cable to your PC (close iTunes if it opens upon connecting). Press the Windows + R keys simultaneously, in order to open the Run command box. Type: %ProgramFiles%\Common Files\Apple\Mobile Device Support\Drivers. Click OK

Plug the device into your computer, pull down the notification shade, and select the USB option. It may say something like USB charging this device or USB for file transfer.. The verbiage may vary slightly depending on your device's Android build and manufacturer, but regardless it will have something about USB Unable to connect my phone to a computer via a USB cable: 1. Use a different USB cable. If your phone cannot be charged after being connected to a computer, the cable may be damaged. In this case, it is recommended that you use a new data cable

Connect your iPhone to your PC; Open Device Manager, and expand 'Universal Serial Bus controllers' Under Universal Serial Bus controller, you will see 'Apple Mobile Device USB Driver. Double-click it to open its Properties. Go to the Driver tab and uninstall the driver. Disconnect your iPhone, and connect it again SAMSUNG GALAXY S5 PHONE. Go to Settings; Tap on Developer Options {if Developer Options is not turned on, hit it 7-times and that will turn it on} Scroll down to Networking Section and Tap on USB configuration Tap or turn on MTP (Media Transfer Protocol) {a window will pops up that says Allow access to phone data} Tap on Allow. . . . . and there you have it Go to My Computer and hit Property.. Hence the device does not recognize, click on it and select properties appear. In the overview, you indicate that you have to install the device driver. If so, click where it says change settings and a sign that says you reinstall the driver or something similar appears

My folders show up empty when connecting to PC - Samsung

Connect your iPhone to your computer and see if Explorer detects it. If Windows still doesn't pick up your iPhone, make sure you have full control over the iTunes folder in Windows When I connect my phone to my laptop, it's not detecting it. I understand I have to change it to media device so I can transfer photos and videos but even when I do that, the computer is. Connect Android to computer -> open Device Manager -> locate your Android device -> right click the device and choose Uninstall -> disconnect your phone. Reinstall Android drivers: Reconnect your Android -> wait for Windows 10 to install its drivers again -> check if your phone is detected by the computer

Guide On How To Fix Error This Folder is Empty On iPhon

You redirected me here - thank you. I am using the original cable. As stated in my original post, the Explorer window opens when I connect the Nexus 5, but no content shows (This folder is empty). If I use different cables, the PC doesn't recognize the device at all Of course, it your phone does not have the external storage, then you should see only one removable drive in the This PC folder. 2. Another possibility is that your Android device would appear as a virtual folder within the This PC (or Computer) folder

I want to see what all is on my phone prior to deciding what to do with it. However, if you simply want to transfer all of your photos (or other files) to your computer, choose the top option: Import Photos and Videos. The computer will begin searching for all photos and videos on your phone I cant seem to transfer all my photos to my computer via USB cable. I can connect my phone and it shows up on computer in file explorer, but everytime I try to drag and drop and copy photos I get an error, files not found message. Can someone please help me out? or others. Thanks NOTE: To write this tutorial, we used a Huawei P10 lite running Android 8.0.0. Although your Android smartphone might be using a different version of Android or Samsung or another manufacturer may make it, everything we are showing should look and act similarly on your smartphone too.. How to connect your Android smartphone to your Windows 10 PC, using a USB cabl Hi. My phone is 100 per cent charged, and there is no notification that it is charging, so nothing I can switch over. The device shows up on my computer, but when I open it, the computer thinks the phone is empty. I can see the photos on my phone. I see below that it recommends USB debugging - is this safe to do? Thank

When I connect my phone to my PC, it says the music folder

Here's how to fix and find phone files on a PC via Androi

Poco F1: 'this folder is empty' when connected to PC : Xiaom

I tired to copy photos from my Nokia 6 to computer. So I connected my phone to computer with USB. Found the file named DCIM, and opened the file called Camera. But I noticed a hug amount of photos are missing. When I checked my phone photos again, they are still on my phone. I just can't see it on computer. How weird! Anybody had this problem A new Windows Explorer folder will open to show you the data and content that currently resides on your Kindle Fire. If this pop-up does not appear, click the icon that resembles a folder in the Task Bar to open Windows Explorer. Then click Kindle or Fire below My Computer, or Computer in the sidebar to the left I'm sorry if this was already answered here or somewhere, but I didn't find an answer when I searched for it. I have a lot of pictures/photos on my Galaxy S8 and when I connect it to my computer, only a couple are shown on the DCIM folder

To connect a phone by cable, plug the smaller end into the phone and the larger end into an available USB port. Follow the on-screen instructions for the installation of drivers, if using Windows, or visit the phone manufacturer's site to download them. An iPhone needs to be synced to iTunes. Instructions are available on Apple's support site At work, I am trying to send some e-mails in Outlook 2010 but they're getting stuck in the Outbox folder (and the recipients are not receiving them). Outlook shows: Outbox [4] When I open the Outbox I have ADB installed correctly, however, my computer is not recognizing the nook when its attached. It shows as a removable drive under my computer but when I click on it, it says please insert a disk into drive X. Also, when I use the command prompt and type adb devices, it correctly says list of devices but then doesnt show any.

USB connection now shows blank folders, Updated, with PC

I plug it into my computer and it just keeps telling me to unlock my iPhone. I've reauthorized the computer, told the phone to trust the computer, done a reset on the phone, run disk utilities, tried different USB ports and different cords. NOTHING worksand I have been able to get the computer to recognize it in the past I have Nokia Lumia 630. I received the notice that my phone memory was full, and since then I can not access messages, phone book, can't make call, or do anything that is a part of the phone memory. When I connect it to my laptop, phone memory can not be opened. Help My iPhone 6 plus will not be recognized as a device in my PC. I cannot sync to anything to add music or any kind of iTunes media that isn't instantly downloaded to my iPhone. My phone will charge but my PC won't give a prompt saying a device is plugged in My phone somehow locked me out & I never created a password. Is there a way to download the photos onto my computer. Itunes is not accepting it. Apple tech support says they have to wipe everything out on my phone. I must keep my photos! Any ideas. Apple tech says there may be a 3rd party means to do it, but they just can't approve it

To simply say thanks, please click the Thumbs Up button to give me a Kudos to appreciate my efforts to help. If this helps, please mark this as Accepted Solution as it will help several others with the same issue to get it resolved without hassles. Take care now and have a terrific week ahead. í œíč It appears to be the backup of my empty phone was overwritten on previous backup. I managed to restore from that backup but my whole photos, videos and contacts was gone. When I look into backup folder I see a large amount of data which is approximately 45GB If you leave your phone locked the whole time, it will just not trust the device it's plugged into by default. If You Change Your Mind Later. If you accidentally tapped Don't Trust and you actually do want to trust the computer, don't worry. You'll see this alert each time you connect your iPhone or iPad to the device Why won't my iPhone appear in iTunes? iPhone may not show in iTunes if the device is locked, the computer is untrusted, the cable is damaged, or iTunes is not updated to support the version of iOS on your iPhone. How do I give permission to access my iPhone? Connect your unlocked iPhone to the computer and launch iTunes To my horror when showing him how to use the USB feature with one of his own USB's (I had never seen before), I noticed the buda file. Not having an internet connection at his home, had I infected his business computers with which this particular USB would have used?!!

adb - My phone storage is empty when connected to pc

Issue 10. Issue. Uninstalling a prerelease version of the connector software does not remove existing logs. Description. After you update from a pre-release (Beta or RC) version of Windows Server Essentials to the released version, you must remove the connector software from each computer that was connected to the server, and then connect the computer again to install the released version of. i click it on it and the folder is empty, then it freezes up my computer for a few minutes. nothing else there. so to recap: i cant figure out a way to view my entire gallery on my pc in order to transfer all my picture/video files. when i open the phone on the pc, no matter what i do i cant see any of the images taken between May 1 and August. I have a few photos I want to copy to my PC. I connect my phone to a PC (either Window 7 or Windows 10), the phone appears as moto g(6) in Windows Explorer, but it's empty. The Moto G6 user manual says To change the type of USB connection, swipe the status bar down and tap USB. There is no USB option on the status bar On your computer go to PC>C drive>windows >INF > and look for wpdmtp.inf (make sure your xiaomi phone is connect via usb) then right click on the file wpdmtp and click install with your phone plugged in I have an issue where when I connect my iPhone (6S) to my PC via USB in an attempt to transfer photos, only some photos are displayed in the folders.. This isn't to do with the phone being locked (it isn't) or needing to tap the Trust this computer option on the iPhone when it is connected.. Some photos are displayed and I can copy them from the device to my PC, but some, which are clearly.

[SOLVED] iPhone empty in Windows USB mod

Step 1. Launch this program and connect Motorola handset to PC. Install and run the Motorola File Transfer on your computer, and then connect your Motorola mobile to your computer. You need to enable the USB debugging on your Motorola phone to make it detectable by the program Just like a computer, Samsung Galaxy has a Recycle Bin to recycle deleted items. More precisely, the current Android OS (your phone is running under) provides this feature. Here's how to find it: Tap on the Gallery app. On the top right corner, tap on the three-dot Settings icon. From the dropdown menu, tap Recycle Bin

For Android phones, go to Settings > System > Advanced> Reset Options > Reset Wi-fi, mobile & Bluetooth. For iOS and iPadOS device, you'll have to unpair all of your devices (go to Setting. One worked fine (#1), The other computer (#2) didn't show up on the phone available devices and the phone didn't show up on the computer device list. It was not a problem with firewalls. By going through the settings and comparing the settings of #1 and #2 I saw that a difference was in the ~/config/kdeconnect/config If you get an error message about external storage, you'll need to check that your phone is not set for Mass Storage mode: Tap the Home button to go to your phone's Home screen, then the Menu button, then Settings, then tap Connect to PC First, my phone is a counterexample that shows that a rooted phone isn't required. Second, yes, it should work on all non-rooted devices that are at least Android 2.2 (not because it works on my phone, but because that's how it's supposed to work; see the answer by Idolon). - Ted Hopp Apr 2 '14 at 5:3

A window will show up on the Galaxy S7 phone screen that says Connected as media device. Drag the notification area down, and select Transferring media files. For Windows users, your Samsung Galaxy S7 will now be visible under Computer, further nested under Portable Devices The DCIM folder is missing when attempting to view camera images from my computer Applicable Products and Categories of This Article Follow the procedure below to troubleshoot a missing DCIM folder when attempting to view camera images from your computer

My M165 model will connect to my Galaxy Note5 without any issues, however the M180 model isn't able to communicate with my phone / connect. I've unpaired and repaired the M165 multiple times. Same issue here. I have connected my iphone x to my windows 10 computer for several months. Last week my iphone no longer connects. Windows 10 side says connection was made but iphone shows it is not connected and tells me the connection unsuccesful xxxxxxxx is not supported. It has always worked before - not it doesn't 1) Click on Job -> New, and enter a name for this job. Select Synchronize (2-way) or Backup (1-way) job type. 2) On the left hand side of the window click the Browse button, then select the left folder you want to synchronize. (for Backup jobs: folder FROM which to backup) The Not charging message usually shows up when iPad is plugged into a computer via USB, but sometimes it will show up when plugged into an iPhone charger as well. While there are many reasons an iPad may report it is Not Charging, a particularly common reason relates to the power source, and thus here offers a simple solution

How to free up space on Samsung mobile phone when it is full? Last Update date : Mar 22. 2021 We use our mobile device everyday for communication, entertainment, engagement and storage No, what bugs people is keeping their email properly synced across multiple computers and handhelds. If you're still working with POP3 (and many people are forced to), a particular incoming email might have been downloaded on one device and deleted from the server; then, if you want to reply to it from your phone or tablet, you'll find it isn't there 03-20-2015 01:11 PM. If it's saying full then the shared folder likely has more than the 2GB available in your new Dropbox account. Open your Account page and see what it shows you for usage in your account. You should see a line that looks like this For a while now my Iphone has been charging from my computer, but when I plug it in my computer use to make a sound, now it doesn't and the phone won't connect to itunes, or show that it's connected to the computer. I have tried everything, but it seems no one has actually had the same exact problem i'm having. I know the USB works because the phone WILL CHARGE from the computer but that's it In my opinion, this is an under-appreciated feature of IMAP. If you place a message in your inbox on a machine that is connected to your email account via IMAP, that message is uploaded and placed in the master copy on the server. In fact, that's true for any folder, but the inbox has special significance, I think

How to connect an iPhone to a Windows 10 PC: Sync your iPhone with Windows 10 Now you've got iTunes set up on your Windows 10 computer, it's time to sync the computer with your iPhone Then connect it to your computer using a USB cable. On your Kindle Fire drive (the drive is typically displayed as a device icon), open the Internal storage folder. Drag and drop the new update file from your computer to the kindleupdates folder on your Kindle drive. Do not drop the file into any other folder on the Kindle drive If the folder you found from the search isn't within your Dropbox folder then it sounds like you did make a copy (file explorer search will bring up items within the Dropbox folder too). You can check this by right clicking the folder brought up from the search, click the Properties option and you will see the folder path of where the folder is located

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